Postcard Pals

Meet the Artists

(In no particular order)

Inkyconverters is a long-time stationery and snail mail fan who tried stamp collecting as a kid. It didn't really shake out, but she still thinks stamps are hella neat. 

"Steamboats played a big role in U.S. mail history and were a crucial part of Mississippi River life -- you can still see them going up and down past the St. Louis Arch today, though nowadays they mostly carry tourists. I also included a bluebird, since it's Missouri's state bird."

Clownological : "Anyone who's been to New York City knows that pigeons are Everywhere, & you've probably seen a sewer rat or two, especially if you've braved the subway (they are not as cute as I made this one!). So of course I had to use those two animals for my post card, with the pigeon as the mail carrier as a joke toward courier pigeons. While I am not actually a native New Yorker, NYC is the closest major recognizable city to me, thus the NYC themed postcard."

Milkynoire : "From the home of the Fresno Nightcrawlers to the Dark Watchers in the mountains of California, the Postal service will get it there."


MaysMonsters : "I chose the white tailed deer for my postcard because it is the Georgia state mammal and you often see them running around neighborhoods at times. I included a lot of little references to Atlanta in my postcard, such as the Peachtree street signs because there are so many different “Peachtree” roads, streets, ways, etc around the city. Along the background there is also the Atlanta skyline with different landmarks including the Skyview ferris wheel, Georgia Aquarium, World of Coca Cola, Fox Theatre, and Botanical Gardens. I’ve lived in Atlanta my whole life so I wanted to include as many of the things that make this city what it is as possible."

CalicoCocoa : "Ospreys, a once endangered species and the official bird of Nova Scotia, are beautiful hawks that live near lakes, rivers, marshes, and shores. They can be seen in (almost) every province and territory in Canada and even take up residence along the east coast of the USA, making them the perfect airmail courier for anyone by the water!"

MaybelsArt : "I drew my cat, I'm English, that's my house please don't stalk me"

pastelxpunky is a small artist specializing in kawaii art illustrations and multimedia creations.

"Hello! Welcome to the sunny state of California! This postcard was inspired by Southern California which is partly known for it's endless rows and groves of orange trees. There are over 1000 varieties of orange trees planted at UCR!! I also included a hard working squirrel. You can see these little guys scampering around wherever you go around here. This little guy is sure to get your package to you swiftly and with a smile!"


Sabrnyan : "As a smol artist from the Canadian side of the border, I chose one of our connecting landmarks - Niagara Falls - and the speedy chipmunk who always amazes us with how much it can carry from place to place!"

Spadeset : "Penguins aren't native to Minnesota, but with all the snow there, they might as well be! Temperatures as low as −60 °F have graced the land of 10,000 (frozen) lakes in the winter!"


713Azumaru : "I'm a native of the midwestern region and currently live in Iowa. I was going to go with the state bird and flower, but I've seen a lot more rabbits than either of those since I've been here! My particular bun is delivering at night because I've seen the postal workers doing their jobs way late into the day and they deserve way more credit for getting the job done even if it means quitting time means some late-day overtime."